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  • Price: $300.00
    • Red Flags Manual (with reproducible handouts, includes Description of Red Flags Framework, Implementer’s Handbook, Handouts for Teachers, parents, Student Curriculum)
    • 3 DVD’s: Thick ‘n Thin, Claire’s Story, and CD with Power Point slides and Templates.
    • 150 Parent Booklets: “Red Flags in Children’s Behavior,”
    • 150 “I feel good stickers”
  • A La Carte Ordering:

  • Price: $250.00
    Red Flags Manual: (with reproducible handouts) Handouts for Teachers, parents, Student Curriculum
  • Price: $20.00
    35 min. with chapter breakdowns-English
  • Price: $20.00
    Spanish (dubbed)
  • Price: $35.00
    With brief Facilitator’s Guide for youth groups, churches, etc. English only
  • Price: $20.00
    49 min. 3 modules
  • Price: $10.00
    Depression presentation, Handouts from Manual
  • Price: $6.25
    Parent Booklets –English in packets of 25
  • Price: $6.25
    Spanish in packets of 25
  • Price: $6.25
    Parent/Teacher Booklets in packets of 25
  • Price: $10.00
    Holographic background with Red Flag and “ I Feel Good! ” wording (pack of 200)
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Using videos for students and low cost materials for teachers and parents, Red Flags offers schools a comprehensive, affordable, common sense approach to basic mental health education.
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