Becoming a Red Flags School

Becoming a Red Flags School is simple. Someone from your school needs to attend a Red Flags training and obtain the materials in the Red Flags kit. Your school makes a commitment to implement all four pillars of the Red Flags Framework yearly:

  • Inform and/or remind school staff about reinforcing strong mental health habits and identifying warning signs of mental illness in their students.
  • Inform parents about promoting good mental health habits in their children and how to recognize the warning signs of mental illness.
  • Utilize the Red Flags curricula to instruct students on nurturing and maintaining positive mental health and what to do when mental health problems arise.
  • Review and publicize your school’s protocol for assisting students with mental health needs access appropriate levels of professional help.

If Red Flags is a regular part of your school’s health and safety plan, you are already a Red Flags School and you can register to access the Members Tab on this website. You will have access to the latest news, new and revised materials, and announcements of trainings in your area.

Becoming A Red Flags School of Excellence

If you have been implementing all four pillars of the Red Flags Framework for three years or more, you are eligible to become a Red Flags School of Excellence.
Please contact our office to apply.

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Using videos for students and low cost materials for teachers and parents, Red Flags offers schools a comprehensive, affordable, common sense approach to basic mental health education.
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